About Cleopatra Fiber Glass

In operation since 2007, CLEOPATRA is the leading producer of fiberglass (GRP) products in Egypt. These innovative materials have won a big share of the market at the expense of conventional solutions their characteristics making them first-class due to their flexibility along with almost nonexistent maintenance requirements. Which made our products the perfect choice for multiple uses such as caravans, residential units, mobile bathrooms, annexes, councils, mosques, temporary offices, chalets, servants' rooms, health facilities, and guard units that meet all needs. We adhere to international standard specifications for each product, relying on that the most skilled technicians, engineers and quality controllers are specialized in the field, as well as on raw materials imported from the largest international companies. We are a member of the Chamber of Chemical Industries and our products are certified by the Egyptian National Research Center. We take a very keen interest in the quality of our products and provide our customers with 10 years guarantee on all our lines. We excel by building trust, responsiveness and partnership with our customers providing you with complete glass fiber solutions to your requirements. Working closely with you through every step of the process from design to implementation, installation and then maintenance. Providing you not only with quality products but also optimum service.

Our Mission

To create the most high quality fiber Glass products in egypt and middle eset

Our Vision

Encourage Companies and customer to use clean fiber glass products from our company

Our Experience

We have 10 yeasrs of experiance in fiber glass manufacturing with high quality in market